Live and Learn

Tonight we were eating supper when there was a knock at the door. In the old days we would just get up and answer it. Now we have a fairly loud dog to calm down before we can open the door. Nearly everyone that comes to our door looks kind of concerned when we first open it.

Our guest was the same young man that had stopped by last night to ask if he could track the deer on our property that he had shot. We had given him reluctant permission and didn’t think too much more about it. Tonight when I opened the door, he said he just wanted to give us something. It was an envelope and a small plastic container of food. Inside the container were some pretty tasty pickled eggs. Alice and I split one, and then worked on the dishes. I remembered the envelope then, and looked inside. There was a gift certificate for $20 to the Feedmill Cafe in Tapiola!

It just goes to show how one can lump a certain kind of person into a group called “hunter,” and then don’t give it much thought anymore. Clearly we made a mistake this time, and probably numerous other times in the past as well. I should have known better, and maybe I will in the future. Hunters are just like any other group. There are a few that ruin it for everyone, but the majority are probably like this young man that just wants to spend some time in our beautiful country.

Franco and I did two more bundles of fir this morning, and then spent the afternoon on inside chores. I did hook up the outside antenna for the EnGenius cordless phone I have and tested it out in the woods. The extra range I got from having the antenna hooked up was amazing. That phone is finally doing what I had hoped it would. Since cell service is so spotty out here, I can now carry my cordless phone virtually anywhere on our property and have phone service.

There was one drawback, though. While I was working on the fir boughs, I bumped the “redial” button twice and called Alice both times. I’m sure it was an inconvenience for her, but it really screwed me up, because it seemed like I had something heavy in my arms both times that I had to put down and grab my phone as fast as I could to tell her nothing was wrong. I found an option on the phone that allows me to lock the keypad (similar to the lock button on an ipod) so now I can use the phone without worrying about calling someone again.

Live and Learn

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