Bomb Shelter

Around last Christmastime, there was a classified ad in one of the local papers that read something like this:

“Wanted: nuclear bomb shelter constructed on my property. Must be ready by January 20, 2017.”

Several of us have had apocalyptic fears since the last election. A piece in the New Yorker a while back (1/30/2017) talked about wealthy people building or purchasing high-end subterranean bunkers complete with food, water, and facilities, designed to allow those that can afford it to ride out the apocalypse in style, comfort, and safety. Many of my local friends believe their deer rifles will be a valuable tool if civilization hiccups.

In the same New Yorker article, Stewart Brand, former editor of the Whole Earth Catalog, and one guy I credit for helping me find my way in a very chaotic world in my younger years, suggested that hiding out in defendable enclaves until civilization sorts things out is escapism. He suggests that the civilized world has “chugged along” through a financial crisis, tsunami and nuclear meltdown, and health crisis such as Ebola.

I like Brand’s tactic. I see strength in community. Strength in knowing your neighbors, knowing they’ll help you just as you have helped or will help them. I like the idea that I am not roaming around trying to take things from those better prepared than I was, but instead actively attempting to keep things “chugging along” by cooperating.

2 Responses to “Bomb Shelter”

  1. Mel says:

    Ted – I have had much this same conversation with some of my workmates. They stockpile firearms and ammunition for what they see as the inevitable fight against home raids and terror. I buy dry goods and try to think of the nourishing foods I could try to prepare for my neighbors and anyone who came to my door in desperation. They talk bunkers. I talk gardens. We all look at each other and shake our heads in befuddlement. Somewhere in there is a fundamental difference… but I can’t find any citations in the bibliography.

  2. admin0 says:

    I like your way Mel. I understand the power of fear though, and the power hate media has over these fearful folks. In some cases, people I talk to seem eager for this, as though it is a football game that someone will win or lose. When hard times force us to act like savages, we all lose, IMHO

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