In The Rain

It was an unsurprising November day. I made it out to the woods about 3:00 and it was so overcast that it would have been a bit hard to read out there. I began working on the fir boughs and it started to rain. The dog didn’t seem to notice, and continued to bring his stick hopefully to me as near as he could get it. He still doesn’t understand that these seemingly ordinary tree branches on the ground must not be stepped on with muddy paws. We come to an understanding usually, and sticks get thrown often enough to make the trips out there good ones for him.

As I got rained on, I wondered about all the products I consume, and the parts that so many people play in their manufacture, transportation, retailing, etc. The rain did not bother me for a couple of reasons. I was dressed for it, and I could quit whenever I felt like it. I’m guessing that not everyone in the chain of products I consume has either of these luxuries most of the time. It is a nice dream to have… that the world of workers is content with their worklife.

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