Change is Sometimes Good

I guess I could be placed in the “neat-freak” category. As Alice will explain if you ask her, I have more tolerance for dirt than she does, but I get agitated when something is not put back in its place, even if I am the one that didn’t put it there. One think I’ve noticed when I’m working with others on projects, is if they ask me if I have a specific tool, I can most often tell them how many I have, and pretty much exactly where to find it in my shop.

Steve and John are visiting and have been for about 4 days now. They are transitioning from living in a house in Pennsylvania to some travel for about a month, and then an apartment in Chicago after that. Everything they had in Pennsylvania was packed into their two cars. These items are slowly finding their way into the house, and near as I can tell, they are not being organized.

I wonder what would happen if I were to take one car’s worth of the most important stuff I have in the house and drove 1,200 miles with it. I think I’d be a little more concerned with getting everything in order, but there are limits to what is possible when there is that much stuff all jumbled together in boxes and bags.

So the house is quite different right now than it usually is. I can still find my way around the kitchen where the counter tops are more cluttered than usual, but at least the kitchen equipment is where it belongs. One thing Alice and I have said to each other a couple of times this visit is, “They sure do bring some LIFE into this house!”

Amen to bringing life into the house.

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