Errand Runnin’ Fool

Today reminded me of what my life was like when I was still working at MTU. I ran from one appointment to the next all day, barely making it in time for each one. I got everything done, and feel pretty good about it I guess. There is still lots to do, but it is nice to check a few things off the list. And I can report that my last FOLK newsletter is at the post office, and maybe finding its way to homes all across the country as we speak. That gig was a nice run, and I’m happy to have done it. I feel like a 30# monkey just jumped off my back, though.

It’s been cold all day, and I’ve been stoking the fires in response to it. My favorite thing on days like this is to be outside doing something or another, and come in and feel that blast of comfortable warmth. It is satisfying to know that I had something to do with that warmth too. I honestly do think about it in the summer when I’m sweating and swatting bugs; “I’ll appreciate this wood come winter,” I say. Appreciate it I do.

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