Boiling Water in the Air

This morning was our first well below zero. It reminded me of the first time I tried the boiling water trick you can do with cold mornings like this. If you boil a cup full of water and quickly take it outside and throw it into the air, it will flash to fog before it hits the ground. It also makes a satisfying hissing sound too. The first time we tried it that I can remember, Steve was in grade school. Getting out of bed and getting going on those cold dark winter mornings wasn’t on top of any of our lists, but I do remember us thinking the boiling water trick was pretty cool. Of course we pitied all the poor children in Florida that could never experience this. Sniff.

Today Franco and I concentrated on inside projects until it warmed up outside, and warm up it did! By lunch time it was in the mid 20s. I was able to go outside and fill the bird feeders in my sweatshirt and slippers. We also walked out to the garage and got a fire going because we planned to work on the Scout this evening.

Ah yes, the continuing Scout saga. My mechanic friend did come and worked some more. He suspects that the part I had purchased and installed in the distributor is bad and needs re-replacing. So I plan to call the place where I bought it and get another one coming, and see if they’ll take the defective one back. That means another several days wait until the replacement part comes. I hope it doesn’t snow again… I really prefer to move snow with the Scout. Whine whine whine

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