To celebrate Alice’s last day of Fall Semester, we treated ourselves to a breakfast out on Friday. We went to the Feedmill in Tapiola. Now that I’m retired and a bit more active in the community, I know a few more folks. One that I’ve gotten to know is the owner of the Feedmill. Just about every time we eat there, she’ll come over and sit with us for a spell.

feedmill.jpgThis visit, she got to telling us about the old Doelle school and what a shame it was that such a nice building was just rotting away in downtown Tapiola. As we were talking about the old landmarks in Tapiola, she asked us to come over and look at an old picture she has on the wall. I got a big kick out of Alice and her talking over old times in Tapiola. I tried to get a decent picture but this was the best I could do.

On our way home we talked about what a valuable thing community is, and how it is worth working toward. We’ve been in this little community for well over 30 years, but out social center has really been in Houghton and Michigan Tech.

We spent a big chunk of yesterday and today on the holiday cards, and got most of them in today’s mail. We agreed we worked well together on the project this year. I developed a draft, which Alice edited and suggested several more potential topics. I added a few more topics and made most of the changes she suggested. Then we decided which pictures we wanted to add, font, point size, margins, etc. There was quite a bit of back and forth, and in the end we came up with something we both liked pretty well. Some years we just grind through the process until we are so tired of working on it we just gave up and sent out whatever we had. This year’s is available on this web site in pdf format. Just click on Christmas Newsletters and choose 2010.

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