It was clear and cold again last night, and just below zero this morning. It is days like this I really appreciate all the effort we put into building a weather-proof garage. It is so much easier on the vehicles and on us.

There is a beautiful full moon this evening complete with a moondoggie (a ring around the moon.) This often means precipitation is coming. I’m hopeful I’ll have enough energy to get outside at least once tonight to look at the eclipse. It looks like we’ll have a clear sky for it.

I got William Kamkwamba’s book, “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” for Christmas last year. It languished on the bookshelf until recently. It is a great book that I’d recommend to anyone. He captures the curiosity of youth and the natural tendency of experimentation very well. The section of his family’s survival of famine in Malawi is riveting. Such hard choices to be made by someone so young.

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