Christmas Day

We had a very nice turnout at the Little Brother’s event at the Doelle Senior Citizen’s Center in Tapiola today. The volunteer crew preformed admirably, and all the guests seemed to have a good time. Being a part of an event like this give me faith in the human race. We have a very nice time working together, and put out a very credible party. I’ve surely been a part of events where everyone grouches and no one has a good time that also puts out a credible product, but I SO much prefer the former.


When guests come in the door they are greeted by some of our young people and given a name tag.


Coats are put away and friends are sought for.


The Senior Citizen’s Center has some nice areas for people to gather and enjoy each other’s company.


Things are pretty well setup and the food is almost ready.


The desserts are being prepared.

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