All Loaded Up

pickup.jpgThe guys loaded up the pickup yesterday after Steve and I built some side racks to increase its capacity. They finished loading and left around 2:30 this afternoon for a quick trip to Chicago to get mostly moved in. They plan to return tomorrow. It sure is great to have all their energy in the house, but it is eerily quiet right now. The dog is asleep, Alice is quietly working on a project, and the kettle on the woodstove is simmering. That is it.


I do believe in using things until they are no longer useful. My poor Carhart jacket has had a rough life. I have no idea what caused the pocket to rip out, or both sleeves to shred like they did. For Christmas I got a replacement.


Besides being new and not having its stuffing hanging out all over the place, this jacket is a bit warmer and came with a snap on hood too. I used it for our after supper hike tonight, and it performed admirably. I wouldn’t have been surprised if “Country Living” magazine showed up with a photographer and writer, but they must have been delayed by the snowstorm out east.

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