Family Togetherness

surfing.jpgI get pretty tired of the stuff I read about how the internet is tearing families apart; how instead of interacting as a family unit that members go into their separate rooms, shut the door, and surf the net. How people blog all night when they could be enjoying a conversation with their loved ones. Bosh! Since we’ve installed wireless in our home (a gift from Steve and John to me,) you can see that we are spending more time together as a family.

woodcarry.jpgIt was warm today… into the mid 40s. It looks like we got our January thaw in December this year. Steve and I worked together to carry firewood, and it went very well. I usually poop out after half a dozen trips, but with Steve and Franco to keep me company, we kept going until both indoor racks were filled. Let it snow now!

My other memorable achievement today was to break my all-time losing streak in Spider Solitaire. Previously hovering at 27 losses in a row, I now stand at 29 losses in a row. A remarkable achievement, it I say so. You have to be slightly mad to continue playing after 25 straight losses. It is best not to look at your statistics too closely when you dip so deeply into the negative territory.

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