Odds and Ends

I think I’m coming down with something, because my energy has been low the past couple of days. I did get out yesterday evening to go to the firehall for training on our SCBA systems. We practiced putting them on and taking them off and also worked on filling them as shown in the next picture:

Fellow firefighters watching and learning how to fill our air tanks

I also emptied the ashes from our big Jotul stove. If I think of it, I like to put them in one of the gardens if possible for the nutrients they contain. Here I made a spiral pattern in the snow that came out kind of nice looking.

This picture shows a log that has been converted into 2x4s. If you have ever wondered where your lumber comes from, this picture gives you a pretty good idea.

Here is a batch of 16′ 2x4s that I’ve piled on an existing lumber pile. I’ll put 5 “stickers” perpendicular to these boards, and then put on another row of 10 boards on top of that when I get them sawed.

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