Outsides and Auctions

outfit.jpgAlice read the blog entry where I lamented not having a picture of myself in lumberjack attire, so she kindly caught me on the way to the woods this afternoon and made me stand there for some pictures. Franco, ham that he is, also posed with a little coaxing.

It was cold today, so I didn’t stay out too long… about a chainsaw gas tank’s worth. I got two trees limbed and 5 logs bucked up and ready for skidding. I still have two trees hung up that I’ll pull down when I go out there with the dozer. Every time after I work in the woods making logs, I marvel when I see a fully loaded logging truck going down the road. I do appreciate the labor that goes into that pile of logs.

I posted some auctions on eBay for the first time in what seems like years last week. They’ve been ending for the past couple of days now, and I’m happy to be moving some stuff out the door. On eBay the buyer and seller are encouraged to rate each’s experience with a mechanism called “feedback.” One item I sold generated the funniest feedback I’ve ever gotten… the buyer said he, “cried with joy” over the transaction. Now that is a happy customer!

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