We had a day of high winds. The prediction was for 50+ MPH. I didn’t get out too much today to test that, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it was accurate. Our power stayed on until about 1:00 this afternoon, and then bit the dust. I quickly turned off the computer to give the remaining power in the UPS to the cordless phones. When the power finally came back on a few minutes before 8:00, the phones had given up about an hour ago. That was a nearly 7 hour outage… one of the longest I can remember. Interestingly, the fire department did not receive a call during this wind storm. Often in the past, trees blow down across power lines, and the 911 folks call us to keep the public away until the power crews can get things safe again

nopower.jpgMaking supper tonight was fun and different. We were reluctant to open the refrigerator because we didn’t know when we’d be getting power again, so we concentrated on food we could get from the cupboards. I had tried to let the kitchen stove fire go out because the hot water was getting too hot (a water jacket in the firebox of the woodstove feeds the hot water tank upstairs. The only way to keep the water in the tank below boiling is to use it, which we couldn’t do with the power out.) We poked the fire up just enough to cook supper. You can see Alice slaving away at the stove with our emergency LCD lantern hanging above the stove. Supper was yummy and different enough from what we usually do to be special. Note that the flash of the camera illuminated things much more than they actually were.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Was the fridge going warm really a concern?

    Were you out of snow/ice? 🙂

    My parents near Gwinn were electricity-less too. There house really is more of a summer home, and not very well insulated. Their geothermal heat pump doesn’t run with no electricity, and the house got down to ~40 degrees before heat was restored. An exploration of backup heat alternatives is underway.

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