Two Little Boys

I was thinking back about the Los Angeles trip, and remembered events at Disneyland that involved two different little boys. In Disneyland, you spend quite a bit of time in lines, and both these events happened there. The first was early in the day waiting for the Finding Nemo ride. Mom and I were in a roped off line waiting to walk toward the ride, while another roped off line was walking next to us going the other direction. These people were toward our right, and an empty roped off line was to our left. I assume the line that was empty would be used if there were more people waiting. Anyway, Mom and I were chatting away; sometimes standing and sometimes walking forward a few steps. I wasn’t paying any attention to the people to our right. Then I heard a man’s voice say, “grab him, grab him!” I looked to my left and there was a little boy maybe 2 years old that had escaped his Dad, run under the rope to our right, the one to our left, and was in the clear to keep on going through a maze of ropes to the left of all that. Bracing my legs on the ropes to my left, I leaned over as far as I could and just got a couple of fingers on the little guy’s shoulder. He immediately stopped, and I was able to grab him under his shoulders, pick him up, pivot around, and hand him over to his Dad. It all happened in about two seconds.

I have never seen such relief on another human’s face as I did on that guy’s. He looked at me and said, “thank-you, we owe you our first born son.” A week after the event it still makes me smile. If I hadn’t reacted immediately, the little guy would have gotten to who knows where before we could have jumped the ropes to retrieve him.

The second event was only a few hours later. A young woman had two children just outside “The Pirates of the Caribbean.” When I first saw her, she was lifting them both up to get a drink of water. We walked along and they walked just in front of us into the building where the ride was located. As we walked in it got darker and darker, and ominous sounds were coming from inside. Suddenly, boy number two broke from his Mom’s grip and started running back toward the entrance. She didn’t have time to react or say anything, but by know I knew what to do. I put out my hands and stopped him. Then I scooted him around and herded him back toward Mom. He seemed to be getting hysterical, so I asked her if he was scared of the ride? She said she though so. By that time they were behind us in line, so I don’t know for sure if she retreated or talked him into going on the ride.

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  1. and that is why we stick to rope swings and slides.
    Those parks aren’t really for little kids… scary…

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