Bald Eagles

eagle.jpgI get a thrill every time I see a bald eagle, and the other day I was lucky enough to see two of them; both mature. They were near the intersection of our road and Cabbage Road. The two differ in the amount of traffic they receive. Our road has grass growing in the middle of it during the summer, and Cabbage road has no grass growing in the middle of it ever.

The eagles and a large number of ravens were feeding on a deer carcass that was just off the road in the woods. They were getting as much as they could while they could, because they knew as soon as the coyotes and/or wolves found it, it would be gone. So you could tell that when Franco and I came walking up, they were bummed to have to stop eating, but they scattered anyway. If I’d have known they were there eating, I would have walked the other way that day. Sure enough, the next morning, the carcass was gone. Something dragged it away. Perhaps the birds found some of it in its new location.

I got an email from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society today. I’d heard about their harassment of the Japanese whaling fleet on the high seas this season, which had caused the Japanese to cut their whaling season short this year. This may have saved the lives of dozens of the gentle giants. I’d emailed them asking if there was a way to send them an anonymous donation. I try to be anonymous because I HATE junk mail (don’t get me started.) It seems that no matter what you tell these folks about wanting no mail when you make a donation, that their systems intervene, and you get mail for years until it gets shut off. Their answer was that I could mail them a money order, so that is what I plan to do on Monday when I run my errands. If you’d like to do the same, send your money order to:

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
PO Box 2616
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

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  1. Sandy Lewin says:

    Ted — Jeff and I were lucky enough to see two grey wolves today on the Eagle Harbor Cutoff Rd close to the Pop-Eye Rock. Both were barreling across the road so I suspect in pursuit of dinner. Pretty spectacular to see fairly close up.

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