Busy Day

Things seem to go in bunches sometimes. Our fire department has had no fire or first responder calls for what seems like a month. Then earlier this week we had the logging truck fire I discussed earlier, and then today we had TWO first responder calls. The first time the pager went off while I was dozing on the couch. That ended that nap, I can tell you. I sometimes think the pager has an IV that connects directly to my adrenal gland. When it wakes me up, I am AWAKE!

That one got solved as they often do, and I got home and thought that would be that for a while. As we were just starting to work together on supper, another first responder page came, so I was off again. Many of these calls fall into a fairly predictable pattern, but this one was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

So that makes 3 calls in one week. I intend to stare at my pager before I put it on its charger cradle tonight. It knows what I mean when I start at it… you woke me up once already today, now don’t press your luck.

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