Tap, Tap, Tap

I managed to get out in the woods today. It was cold last night and near 40 and sunny when I headed out there. I did a few things right too.

I brought along the Eastwing hatchet that I used to make the fir boughs early last winter. I normally use a hammer to drive in the taps, but this time I brought the hatchet instead. It worked great. As I was making my way from tree to tree, the pattern I’ll follow over and over as I gather the sap started to emerge. I used the hatchet to trim the branches of the fir trees to make the path easier to navigate. It took a lot longer to tap the 30 trees I did today, but I think I’ll reap dividends for the rest of the season.

I used up all the old style of buckets today, and tomorrow will start using the tapered aluminum ones. I hope to get the rest of the trees done in the morning, and actually do a gathering too. Many of the trees were running pretty well today, and if it warms up, there should be a run tomorrow too. It is cold tonight, which is just what the trees want. Walking around in the woods in these calm days, I like to stop and listen to the tap, tap, tap of the drops hitting the bottom of the metal buckets.

Speaking of the tapered aluminum buckets, I ordered 300 of them today, along with bucket covers and taps. I found a guy on eBay that was willing to talk price with me, and I think I got a pretty good deal. I have long range plans to expand the operation out there, and now I’ll have the buckets to do it with. Living in the country means there is always something to do.

I also got out into the woods today and skidded all but two logs over to the sawmill. I hope to get them loaded onto the sawmill rack soon and start sawing them up. I should have plenty of material now for the fenced in garden project.

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