Michigan Today, New York Tomorrow

We’ve had a nice trip so far.  We arrived in Lansing Wednesday, and drove up to Gladwin on Thursday for the memorial service.  We had a car full.  Alice and I were in the front seat, Mom and Dad in the back seat, and Franco in the very back.  He was good as gold, for which we were grateful.  We stopped often and walked him when we could. 

 Today (Friday) we were busy all day.  I ordered about two tiers of firewood for Dad’s firepit from the local landscape supply place.  They delivered it about mid day today, and I spent the next couple of hours stacking it.  One thing I have experience with is stacking firewood.  This amount of firewood should keep him going for another year or so I hope.  We did this for him last year too around his birthday.  It is hard to figure out what to buy him sometimes, but we know he’ll enjoy his fires.  He has a cedar yard swing he sits in while he watches the river go by and the fire burn.  At 83 years old, he’s earned the right to sit and watch.  At 59, it doesn’t feel too bad for me either.

Tomorrow, we’re leaving early and driving partway to Steve’s place in Pennsylvaina.  Then Sunday morning, we’re heading the rest of the way.  It has been a good trip so far.

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