Goodbye Pennsylvania

I’ve been able to spend some serious time this trip doing what I really enjoyed… watching big modern wind turbines run. The place Steve lives is in view of 10 or so turbines. The make a whoosh whoosh sound as the move in their majestic circles. I observed the operator feather one turbine’s blades so that it stopped rotating. I watched it start up again. I watched several rotate in response to a wind shift. These things are huge, and do not react quickly, but they do react visibly if you have the patience to watch for a while.

This has been a rainy vacation. It has rained most every day we’ve been gone, I’d say. This is undoubtedly good for the aquifers, but it changed our plans a couple of times. I can say, though, that if you like pretty green hills, valleys, streams, and rivers, you should consider a trip to the north central portion of Pennsylvania. I believe we’d like to come back again.

2 Responses to “Goodbye Pennsylvania”

  1. Mel says:

    I also love to watch the turbines dance… I really can’t understand why people would complain about having them nearby. Someday I’ll have to go visit my cousin in Illinois – a wind farm was recently installed in the fields around their house.

  2. Trevor Peterson says:

    Hi Ted,
    Glad you made it down to PA again…just make sure you don’t come down with a case of wind turbine syndrome!

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