Gardens and Deer Flies

I don’t know if this guy was very early, or if this was day 1 of the onslaught, but I killed my first Deer Fly today. He landed on my arm for a snack, and I reacted with the instincts of a pit viper. Anyone familiar with this particular pest knows you have to be fast indeed to kill one. I’m sitting at 100% so far this season. These guys can be so annoying on a walk that they often drive sane people to extraordinary measures. For example, last year I bought a small tennis racket that contains batteries. You carry it while walking, and when the Deer Flies buzz around and around and around, you swipe this thing through the air in what you hope is the trajectory the fly is following, and if one bungles into the racket; ZAP it gets fried. By nature I am a tender heart, but that zap is one of the most satisfying sounds in nature.

lupine.jpgThe lupines started blooming yesterday. I like these flowers at this stage, when they have mature flowers and gradually less mature ones on up the stem. Whenever I first see them in the spring, I’m reminded of the Monty Python sketch called “Dennis Moore,” where our hero, Mr. Moore, steals from the rich and gives to the poor, but all he ever steals is lupines. The poor have to try to make do with burning them for heat, eating them, and wearing them for clothes, because that is all Mr. Moore ever gives them.

garden.jpgSome progress has been made in the garden. We’ve completed planting our outside garden with 3 rows of storage onions and 4 rows of potatoes. We started in the greenhouse garden, and have gotten the sweet onions (mmmmm sweet onions) and 12 tomato plants in. This year we’ve spaced the tomato plants out a bit. Last year they were way too close together, and we had to use a machete to hack our way in to harvest any tomatoes. (not really) They look so small and vulnerable out there, but give them a few weeks of 18 hour sunshine and water, and they’ll be peaking above the tomato cages soon. We just ran out of dried tomatoes for our salads, so we’re going to be wanting some real tomatoes soon.

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