Family Get Together

We had a very good reason to get together as a family this weekend. My parents recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. My brother Howard arranged a very nice dinner and accommodations at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. Alice and I drove down on Sunday morning, caught the 1:30 ferry, and arrived just as the rest of the crew was finishing their lunch. Alice and I checked in to our B&B (the Grand is just too fancy for me) and then we all met on Main Street for a carriage tour ride. Both my Dad and I are former carriage tour drivers, so it was interesting to both of us to watch and hear how things have changed over the years.

arch.jpgWe stopped at Arch Rock and a fellow passenger took our picture on the overlook. After the tour we went our separate ways for a bit, and then got dressed up and headed over to the Grand for the celebration meal. It was pretty fancy. I had told the hotel coordinator I was a vegetarian, and there was a nice Polenta dish on the menu for me. It was all good. Then we headed back to Mom and Dad’s hotel room that came complete with a sitting room, where we hung out together until almost 11:00.

Alice and I were on the first boat to the mainland the next morning, and arrived home about 2:00 in the afternoon on Monday. It was a quick trip, but we were both glad we went.

The garden got a bit more attention today. I have the buckwheat sown in the fallow halves of both gardens now. In a week or two some shy green stems will start popping out, followed by a riot of green. When the buckwheat starts to flower, I plow it under and plant another crop. I usually get 3 crops of this green manure per season, followed by a crop of annual rye in the fall.

Tomorrow I hope to get the rest of the tomatoes planted and then we’ll see what else can be done. The first 12 tomato plants transplanted extremely well. Some green is showing already in both the sweet and storage onion beds.

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