This morning we took the car to town and ran our weekly errands. Among the stops was a trip the the local feed store, where I bought two very nice buckets. I had wanted to get 5 gallon galvanized steel buckets, but this place only had the 18 quart heavy rubber ones. Rather than running all over town looking for the steel ones, I got those. These guys are made for watering horses and cows, and I’m sure could easily withstand any punishment a horse or cow could dish out. After we got home, other projects interfered all day, but by around 9:00 I was able to try out my new yoke/bucket system.

watering.jpgI’d like to report that two full buckets of pond water felt like two feather pillows on my shoulders, but I’d be lying. That much water is heavy no matter how efficient your carrying system. I do think I saved time and effort with the system, though. I figured out a way to bend over at the edge of the pond and scoop both buckets full, then stand up with the buckets suspended from the yoke. A short walk to the garden, and I detached the S hooks and watered the row, rehooked, and hiked back to the pond.

Lots of little potato plants are starting to peek through. The onions are looking good too. Some of the tomato plants in the greenhouse have white spots on their leaves that are of concern, but that is the way it goes sometimes. I’ll have to do some research in order to find out what they are lacking so I can get them looking healthy again.

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