Boing Splash

Franco and I did our usual hike after supper with the backpack (I wore the backpack, he carried his stick.) When we got home, I got to work watering the gardens. I thought the greenhouse garden would be ok for another day, but when I looked at it, I decided to water it too. We got that one done and headed over to the outside garden and started on that one. I’m using my buckets and yoke which I’m slowly getting used to. My hands still want to grip the bucket handles and hold the weight up, so I have to make myself let go and let the yoke take the weight.

On the way across the yard for my second trip, something went boing splash. And my yoke system was in tatters. It seems that one of the S hooks I use to hold the bucket lost its grip on the rope, and bucket A crashed to the ground. Since bucket B had no counterbalance, it also crashed to the ground. I lost some but not all the water, so I retied the rope (this time with a better knot) and continued the watering.

turtle.jpgOn our way across the yard, I happened to notice a busy female turtle laying some eggs in the yard. She was there quite some time, and looked as though she wouldn’t or couldn’t move even if she had wanted to. Fortunately, Franco didn’t notice her, so didn’t “wet nose” her. I’ve seen evidence of turtles hatching over the years, but have never witnessed the actual event. It would be a fun thing to see.

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