Even we get them sometimes. Way up north and extending into a large body of cold fresh water as we do, the weather can get into the 90s. Today was one of those days. We normally keep our windows open at night and close them during the warm days. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that cool last night, so the house was 72 degrees inside when the day started to heat up. That inside temperature did feel good after spending some time outside. About 8:00 pm we opened the windows again, even though it was still 80 degrees outside. At least there was a hint of air movement. It is supposed to cool off tonight.

We are in the typical summer cycle. Lots of projects are getting done, but many more march to the fore to take their place. We always seem to manage to get the important ones done. I soon hope to make some modifications to my log hauling trailer to make it handier in the woods. Then I’ll get to work making next winter’s firewood. I never mind this project too much when I get into it, but I seem to put it off every summer for some reason.

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