It was the saddest of times, and the happiest of times. Sad because I got rid of the IBM 4019 printers I’ve been saving for 15 or more years. Happy because instead of landfilling them, I managed to get them recycled. That was the event that helped me decide to finally get rid of these printers.

A word about the 4019s. They were IBM’s first office/home laser printer. At the time, IBM was best known for monster computers, printers, tape drives, etc. The kind of stuff that runs the Ford Motor Company, for example. Then came the IBM PC, and the company had to face the fact they were now marketing their hardware to Joe on the street, in addition to the Fortune 500 Companies. IBM knew how to make printers, and they knew how to make sturdy hardware. The 4019 was a really good printer, and I really liked it. So when people began to discard them as newer technology came along, I bought quite a few of them… about 9 I think.

All but one of these were stored in the attic of my garage until recently. I needed one for a project, so I hauled them down one by one, and tried to get one to work. Eight trips, and not one working printer. I asked myself, why have I been storing these things all these years? I hatched a scheme to sell them all on eBay. Surely there is another bat-shit crazy guy like me out there that would love to stuff his attic with vintage hardware. Somehow I never got around to formulating the eBay ad. Then came July 9, 2011; the day of the Western Upper Peninsula Health Department electronics recycling program.

recycle.jpgLast night I loaded up the truck with an old non-working computer, and all but one of the 4019s. This morning after a stop at our favorite breakfast restaurant, we drove to town, and unloaded all the stuff for shipment to a recycling facility in Wisconsin. Done. Still, it is a little bit sad to see them go. I’ve been hoarding, I mean saving, them for so long.

strawberry.jpgThe local strawberries are ripe now, and we’ve been taking advantage of this year’s crop. We’ve frozen about 10 quarts, and today bought 5 more. This batch was relegated to the dehydrator. We did about 5 quarts last year for some backpacker friends, and decided to do the same again this year. If you’ve never tried vine-fresh dehydrated strawberries on your morning oatmeal, you’re missing a treat. It is a fair bit of work, because they have to be very clean, and need to be sliced and spread out on the dehydrator trays. Once they’re all lined up, the dehydrator takes over and makes the house smell really nice.

Today I also had to lower the dock on the front pond. With all the rain this spring/summer, the level of the front pond has stayed pretty consistent this year. I’ve noticed I’ve been having to reach lower and lower to fill my water buckets lately, so we went ahead and made the adjustment. If I have to haul all that water, I might as well make it as easy as possible.

We’ve been having fantastic salads lately. The garden greens are at their young tender peak right now, and we’re stuffing ourselves. If you notice a green pallor to our complexion, it is probably just the salads.

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