I Get Grumpy

One thing Alice and I took pride in early in our marriage, was how cool it was to decide to take a trip, and “just go.” Gosh, we were cool then. Just jump in the car and go.

Last Thursday morning I came up with the idea that we could make the time to visit Mom and Dad downstate. I was the old hipster, rapping with my braided girl saying let’s take off in the morning. “Sure,” so we started making plans.

Somehow, as the decades have rolled by, it has become more complicated to pick up and leave. There is the cat, the dog, the lawn, the dishwasher, and the volunteer work. As Thursday ripened, the pace picked up. I phoned my neighbor and begged him to cut our grass while we were gone. There was no time. I processed numerous checks that were donations to the groups I volunteer for. The credit union where they needed to be deposited was already closed, and didn’t open early enough the next day for me to do the deposits, but at least I got everything collated. Alice kindly packed for me. I thanked her by barking at her if I didn’t hear every word she said. She looked at me like the pathetic grump that I was. At the time, I didn’t appreciate the nuances that look held , but I had the wherewithal to memorize the look. Have you ever gotten that look from someone that knows you well enough not to slap you when you are being a jerk? I suggest you memorize it and play it back the next time you are tempted to be a jerk. Even if some of the jerk words have slipped out, swallow the rest of them. It won’t make you look stupider than you will if you spew them out.

Next morning, everything was as done as it was possible to be. We got up at 4:30 and were on the road at 5:10. The trip went very well. Of course, the uncomplicated ones always do.

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