Dirty Day

Today I got into the greenhouse with the grub hoe and cleaned off one side of the garden. If I don’t deal with the patch that the rototiller can’t reach early in the year, I pay for it later in the year. It was hot swinging the hoe, and then I had to go down on my knees and shake the weed clods to get the dirt out. After that little chore was done I walked out of the greenhouse to start up the rototiller. I can tell you that hot weather can seem cool if you spend any amount of time inside a greenhouse! I tilled both gardens, sowed my second batch of buckwheat, ran the tiller over both of them to work the seeds in, and then watered. I had to wash off in the pond several times before I came in each time.

I also watered both gardens with buckets. Everything is looking good this year. The squash plants were wilting in the greenhouse heat, but they perked back up when I gave them their dose of pond water.

I also got the big ugly yellow trailer in the garage today and started the welding project. I’m redoing this trailer so I’ll be able to pile the logs on length wise, rather than sideways. This will, I hope, allow me to drive the Scout and trailer closer to where I’m felling the trees in the woods. I’ve bought new stake pockets for it, and am adding some additional C channel for the logs to sit on.

This trailer came from an estate sale some years ago. I paid $40 for it. It is surely worth that in just the steel. The tires were shot from sitting so long, so I had to look around online for replacements, and wound up spending over $200 for the tires. I’ve used it the way I bought it for several years, but this year decided to make some improvements before I take it back into the woods.

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