Feeling The High

I’ve thought about my last post regarding the “high” I felt in the middle of the night. It coincided with my finishing a pretty intense book, coupled with energy rush I often get when I get over a multi-day headache. I can still remember how the “high” felt, and remember also how inadequately I felt I was describing it when I wrote about it the next day.

I’ve never tried cocaine, heroin, or any of the other heavy drugs, but I can see how the high they give you can be something you’d want to repeat until the physical addiction takes hold. I’ve always wondered about that, because there must be a space in there where you could quit if you wanted to, but you’re attracted to the high enough times until the physical addiction kicks in. And I’d imagine with the heavy drugs, you get the high whenever you want (or can afford it) rather than having to wait until the stars align the way they did for me the other night.

There has been lots to write about lately, but my head has been too tired at the end of the day to do much writing, so I’ve been putting it off. The gardens are doing great this year. Partly, I think, because I’ve done a bit better keeping them watered, and partly because it has rained more. The other projects are moving slowly. I still haven’t repaired the broken wood rack under the garage roof, so haven’t started with the firewood yet. I’m also hoping to get the trailer reworked so I can drive further in the woods with it. I’ve made progress on both those fronts today, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll make more progress. I have to learn there will always be more work to do than can possibly be done, and also to remember that I spent the first 3/4 of my life wishing I could have the time to do projects just like these.

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