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August 26, 2011


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Today I finally got the chainsaw out and started cutting, splitting, and stacking the firewood.   It seems like one thing after another conspired to keep me from doing it this year, but I’m finally in gear.  Yes I’m a bit tired, and yes I took several breaks when I got too warm out there.  But the piles did rise and I’m grateful for that.  I have a lot down in the woods, and have a pretty good system for getting it out of there.  All I have to do, unless something major happens, is keep at it for a couple of weeks, and I should be putting the last piece on the pile.

I racked the chokecherry wine this morning.  Since it was moved from the opaque plastic bucket that is my primary fermentor into a glass bottle, I got my first look at the color of it.  It took it a while to settle, and it will continue settling for some time now, but the color is beautiful, I’d say.  Alice called it burgundy, and being not quite as sharp with colors as some people, I’m taking her word for it.

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