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August 28, 2011

Lucky Find

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On a walk this afternoon with my neighbor and good friend, I happened to spot a chunk of rock that looked like copper. When I picked it up, it sure felt heavy enough, but something didn’t seem just right. When I got home I rinsed it off and it looked like granite to me, although I’ve never seen granite in that shape before. I stuck it in an old cottage cheese container with some vinegar and went about some other chores. When I came back later, this is what I found:

It is quite the prettiest piece of copper I’ve seen in some time, and it is big! There appears to be other neat minerals mixed in as well.

Today we harvested our 4 rows of potatoes. I started out by digging a spade’s depth on both sides of each row, and then Alice went ahead of me and pulled up the plants while I combed the dirt with my fingers. We made a very good potato digging team. As we found what our neighbor calls “gold” we tossed them onto a tarp we had in the center of the garden. We left them outside in the shade for most of the day, and bagged them up just before our “dock-sit” this afternoon. This time we even weighed them, and got about 95#. One of the best parts of the project for me was working through the soil with my fingers. We have worked and worked on this soil over the years, and it is beautiful soil. Occasionally I’ll encounter a lump of the clay that used to predominate this area, and it brings back memories.

The nights are getting cooler.  I’m bringing my headlamp along on our after-dinner walks, but haven’t needed it yet.  It won’t be long and we’ll have the stars as our companions on our evening hikes.  It has been a very nice summer, with plenty of sunny warm days, and lots more rain than I can remember for many years.

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