Swirling Temperature

This evening while Franco and I were doing our after-dinner walk, we encountered a seasonal struggle. As I was walking, I could feel a pocket of warm air one second, and then a much cooler pocket the next. This happened over and over on the walk. It was a warm day today, but the nights are really beginning to cool off. I think I happened upon that event as it was happening. There was no wind which is probably what made the phenomenon possible. It was very cool to experience.

I finished the last few logs on the trailer, and went into the woods and hauled back another batch. As I’m nearing the end of the project, I’m thinking I have more trees down and bucked up than I’ll need for this year’s project. I’ll have to decide whether to keep hauling logs so I can continue working on the firewood this winter, or, more likely, leave them in the woods until next season. Usually when I put that last piece of firewood in the rack, I put the tools away and whittle away at the numerous other projects that have piled up while the firewood was ongoing.

“The King and I” is going really well. I have about 5 drops I’m responsible for in the flyloft, but nothing too difficult at any one time. I get a couple of nice breaks too, which I usually spend by sitting in the nice recliner.

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  1. Patty says:

    You will have to tell me all about The King and I! I sure love theatre….I have been meaning to tell you that one of my favorite people passed away in South Africa a few weeks ago. He was the house manager at the Pabst Theatre. Tom Dubuque was quite a guy! You felt like you were walking into his home when you entered the theatre. he was always there with his winning smile and great conversation. I will truly miss him!!! His memorial service will be September 19th at the Pabst Theatre and it is going to be a full house!!!!!!!!!

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