This is the final apples from those few I picked the other day. I got a batch of apple/pear fruit leather out of the dehydrator this morning, packaged it up and stuck that in the freezer. The batch on the stove right now is destined to become apple sauce, which I then hope to convert into apple butter. We made a test batch of it two years ago during our last good apple year, and it was really tasty. The only hard part about apple butter is that it takes 6-8 hours of baking in the oven, which means you kind of have to hang around and stir it now and then.

We hauled the dozer to the repair place on Monday. It looks pretty sharp sitting on the trailer, doesn’t it? I’m lucky that an expert in vintage Allis Chalmers bulldozers works just about 10 miles from here. I hired my neighbor and his truck and trailer for the trip there and the trip back once it is done.

It has several problems that need looking at, and since the firewood is finished (yay!) for the year, I can spare it for a time. One of its problems seems to be a broken final drive axle. On the plus side, I purchased 3 used axles in a batch of stuff some time ago, so may have saved myself some money. This time I drove the dozer onto and off from the trailer, which is a first for me. Driving off was the most interesting… it is like pointing yourself at the edge of a cliff, and then engaging the clutch. You just have to hope everything works properly (it did.)

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