Something You Don’t See Every Day

The other day I was on my way to the restaurant in Tapiola for breakfast when I noticed something unusual in the yard across the road. It was a cute little two-seater helicopter. I’ve seen all manner of terrestrial vehicles in and around the vicinity, but never a helicopter on the ground.

I walked in and found my seat, and asked the waitress what was up with the helicopter. She pointed at a table near mine at which two guys were eating their breakfast. I slid my chair back and asked them if the helicopter was theirs. One of the guys said yes in-between bites. I asked them what they were doing with it, and they told me they were surveying the powerlines. I mentioned that they might be able to help me out with a lift home in case my truck wouldn’t start, and they laughed. I left them to their breakfast after that, but was lucky enough to notice when they left.

I followed them outside and grabbed my “blog camera,” which I nearly always carry in a pouch on my belt. They got into the machine and started it up just as anyone would start their car. It idled for a minute or so and then they engaged the blades. They whirled for a short amount of time and then the pilot engaged the pitch which caused all manner of dirt and debris to fly out from around them. And up into the sky they went. They made a short spin to orient them in the direction they wanted to go, and away they went.

The owner of the restaurant also followed them outside and was trying to take a picture with her cell phone. I offered to have prints made and give them to her. Yesterday morning I dropped them off and we all enjoyed reliving that strange day when the guys dropped in for breakfast at the Feed Mill in Tapiola, Michigan.

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