Food Everywhere

The harvest season is still upon us. We have onions and garlic hanging in the entryway, bags full of apples stacked in the sauna dressing room, squashes in boxes and sitting on tables, and tomatoes in the kitchen drain basket. We have another batch of de-skinned and sliced tomatoes humming away in the dehydrator. The freezer is so full of food we’ve been talking about how we want to prioritize the things we still need to put in there. Ten gallons of of cider wine have ceased bubbling and are now in their settling stage. It is a very nice problem to have.

All this food only amounts to a fraction of what we’ll need for the coming year, and it points out to me all the energy that goes into feeding a human. Were we to try to just feed ourselves, we’d be busy with that and little else, I think. And if we had a bad growing season, I’m guessing that no matter how hard we worked, we’d either have to buy food or go hungry. The food part of our world is a complicated place to be sure. It makes me wonder how things will change when fossil fuel availability become spotty, coupled with a planet bursting at the seams with more humans than it has ever seen.

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