Good Smelling

I’ve been working on balsam fir bough bundles for the Einerlei for the past couple of weeks now. The trees are encroaching in my maple sugar stand, so I cut down the trees with a bow saw, chop off the branches with a hatchet, and then clip the boughs off the branches into my trusty wheelbarrow. When it is full, I wrap a couple of lengths of binder twine around the boughs to make a bundle. When I get two or three bundles, I wheel them out of the woods into the garage, where I toss them into the back of the pickup for delivery on my next trip to down.

The smell of these fir boughs is really nice. And my sense of smell doesn’t seem to adapt and ignore the smell after a while. I continue to be wrapped in this heavenly aroma all the while I’m out there working on this project.

For the past few years, I’ve been using the long thin balsam fir poles that are left after I’ve stripped the branches for firewood for the evaporator. About the only part of the tree I’m not using for something is the stump, and I’m working on that.

If you’d like to see a picture of the lovely wreaths the Einerlei makes from the fir boughs I bring them, CLICK HERE.

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