Blueberry Wine

I started a gallon batch of blueberry wine yesterday. We had purchased some great blueberries during the season with the idea that we’d use them for wine, but sadly didn’t have enough 1 gallon glass jugs at the time to start the batch, so we froze the blueberries. Since that time we’ve made an effort to accumulate more jugs, and as of yesterday, the time was right to start the magic.

The first step is to mix all the ingredients except the yeast in the primary fermentor, which is a 2 gallon plastic pail with a tight fitting lid, and a grommet in the cover to accommodate the bubbler. Included in the ingredients is a crushed camden tablet, whose job it is to kill off any wild yeast that might be clinging to the fruit. The potency of the tablet wears off completely after 24 hours. The fruit itself is poured into a nylon mesh bag, tied with a piece of kitchen string, and then wrung out into the primary. Everything is then mixed, the squeezed out bag placed back in the primary, and the thing is sealed for 24 hours.

Tonight I added the yeast, wrung out the fruit bag again, and mixed everything with my brewer’s spoon. In my experience, it will take a couple of days for the mixture to get bubbling. When it does, the kitchen smells like a brewery; and not unpleasantly so, I might add.

The 2-5 gallon carboys of cider wine are ready for bottling tomorrow. I just counted out empties to make sure we have enough. If there isn’t too much waste, I should get around 50 bottles of this wine. I hope it is good.

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