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December 11, 2011


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The other day I opened our bedroom door, and one of the hinges squeaked. “I’d better get that oiled,” I told myself. Three days later, when it squeaked again, I reminded myself that the hinge needed oiling. By the time I got downstairs to the place where the oil can is stored, several other projects had intervened, and the squeak lived on. This continued for probably two weeks until the accumulated self-reminders met a critical mass and I actually grabbed the oil can.

I have a similar problem with tooth paste and dental floss. As each gets low and runs out, I have to remember to add them to the shopping list while going about my daily business. It often takes me a week or more to get the item on the list.

My workshop is worse yet. I’m usually immersed in multi-layered projects in the shop, to the point that the chances I’ll remember to write something down on the list back in the house are about nil. Steve, bless him, noticed this difficulty, and bought me a white board which I attached to a tool cabinet. Now when I run out of glue or 80 grit sandpaper, I can write it in large letters on the white board, and might just see it when I have my list in my hand.

The hinge oiling project was completed in 5 seconds. Once I had the oil can in my hand, I decided to do all the hinges in the house. I’ve never done this before, and didn’t understand what I had in store for myself. We have a pretty small and unpretentious house. But we have LOT of hinges. As I was doing the downstairs doors, I walked by the kitchen, and figured I’d also do the kitchen cabinet doors. That took a while. By the time I was done, the oil can was lighter, and the hinges decidedly better lubricated. And I felt a surprising sense of satisfaction from such a simple job.

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