First Gather

I gathered my first crop of maple sap this afternoon. I expected a small return, which is usual early in the season. After gathering quite a bit of sap from the first 5 trees, I had enough to put an inch in the pan, which meant I’d better start the evaporator. After I lit the fire, the chimney seemed uninterested in conveying the smoke outside. I noticed that it had come apart where the insulated section of pipe goes through the roof. So I grabbed the ladder and made the repair.

I expected results when I put the ladder away, but the smoke was still not going where it needed to. I wound up just playing with it until the chimney warmed up enough that a wisp of smoke crowned the chimney. I knew then that I had it, and went about my business. I made 4 trips from the bush to the holding tank, and estimate I collected over 30 gallons of sap. So instead of making a quick run around the bush and calling it a day, I would up staying out to boil for around 4 hours. The liquid on the syrup side of the pan was starting to turn amber already. It is a good time of the year.

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  1. David Flaspohler says:

    Hey Ted: Interesting content, and especially liked your treatment of geographic urination….a much neglected topic. I remember during my phd research wondering when I might find a bird nest while peeing in the woods and in the first year found 3 in that peaceful contemplative period. Cheers!

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