Maple Centric

If my posts recently seem to be about one topic, it is because this time of year, pretty much all I do has to do with maple syrup. I rush through my chores in the morning and work the syrup operation all afternoon until it is time to come in for supper. When the season really gets going, I have to be out there morning, afternoon, and even after supper. Fortunately there aren’t too many days like that.

It is warm outside for this time of year, but that is nothing compared to the temperature inside my sugar shack. I took a picture just to prove how warm it gets in there when the evaporator really gets smoking. And bear in mind this is the temperature with both my peak vents open and the door wide open too.

I had another pretty good gather of sap again today. Probably less than 30 gallons, but plenty to keep me busy all afternoon. Between gathering the sap, hauling and splitting wood, firing the woodstove, and testing the syrup for sugar content, I’m kept pretty busy. I also enjoy having my little radio out there. I believe I read a study somewhere that maple trees like to hear classical music 🙂

Franco is in his glory this time of year. In the winter we spend quite a bit more time inside, and I think he gets bored. When we spend the day out in the sugar bush, he brings his stick to me every few minutes, and never seems to tire of chasing it. Unfortunately his direct path to the stick tends to take him through muddy puddles and streams… unfortunately for me, not him, because he doesn’t seem to mind at all. That is until the end of the day when I have him stand by a snowbank so I can get most of the mud off him. He’s laying beside me asleep right now, and I predict he’ll sleep all night. I make a similar prediction for myself.

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