Sandy Eyes

It was a good day today. Alice and I celebrated our 38th anniversary a day late by going to the Feedmill diner in Tapiola for breakfast this morning. The place was packed. There was one poor waitress doing her best to hold everything together, but she was fighting a losing battle. Being a regular, we got our coffee and food in record time. I especially enjoyed looking around while eating and chatting with Alice. There was a table of 4 just in front of our table that looked like 2 parents and 2 adolescent children. I was impressed by the way they all talked to each other, and looked interested while the other was speaking. Often adolescents can seem sullen in such circumstances, but you could tell these four liked each other’s company. Good for them.

After we came home from the diner, we each did a couple of hours of our own projects, and then headed out to the sugar bush. It was a pretty good gather again. We boiled for about 3 1/2 hours today, and drew off another couple of quarts from the evaporator. We now have about 1 1/2 gallons of “near syrup” in the fridge ready to finish off and bottle. So far I haven’t had to spend any marathon days out there yet.

Every day now when I come in from boiling, I feel like I have sand in my eyes. I need to take a shower and wash my hair to get all the sugar off my body, and from my goopy eyes especially. The temperature in the sugar shack got up to 122 degrees at one time today, again with both vents and the door wide open. Heck, I’ve been in cooler sauna’s than that!

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