More Gardening

Today I got the buckwheat seeds plowed under about an inch of dirt. I got the greenhouse patch (16′ x 48′) watered also. The outside patch still needs its first drink of the season, which I hope to give it tomorrow morning. In about a week the first shy little stems will start popping up, followed by a riot of green. I always look forward to the generous number of small white fragrant flowers that emerge just before I plow it all into the earth and reseed it. By the end of the season, I usually have 3 crops worked in, and next summer that part of the garden will be as fluffy as chocolate cake mix.

Going through the pictures on my camera, I came across a picture Alice took of me that I liked. We were most of the way through planting the tomatoes. I get into that project with my whole body every year and this one was no exception.

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