Pictured here is Alice planting the last seeds in the garden. Yay! We’ve really struggled this year to get the garden in, but we put the final touches on it today. The hanging tomatoes are also planted. Now we switch to maintenance mode, which is less time consuming but important none the less. We were treated to a bona-fide tomato blossom today too. The greenhouse garden was so warm inside that if felt good to come out into the 88 degree outside air. That said, I could feel the tomato and pepper plants really enjoying the warm moist air in the greenhouse.

As I write this around 9:00 at night, the day is finally starting to cool off a bit. We’ve open our windows to entice the cool night air into the house, where we’ll trap it tomorrow morning when we close the windows. We’re lucky to have such inexpensive air conditioning. It works most days of the summer. When it doesn’t work, though, we sweat the night away.

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