Strawberry Season

The strawberry season is upon us. What a great time of the year it is. There are fruit stands in town hawking the berries, but our favorite is a place a few miles north of us. They have nice big berries that are heaped up in the quart containers. They come out to the stand right from the field, and they are beauties. So far we’ve eaten a lot, frozen some, dehydrated, and just started a gallon of strawberry wine.

I started the batch yesterday with about 2 quarts of berries cleaned and sliced into the nylon mesh bag. This is squeezed into the primary fermentor with cleaned and sanitized hands until all the juice is out. To this juice is added water, sugar, the mesh bag containing the berry pulp, and a variety of other ingredients, including a tablet designed to kill all the yeast that came in with the fruit. This is stirred, sealed, and allowed to sit for 24 hours. The potency of the yeast killer drops to almost zero by this time, so it is time to pitch the yeast.

After opening the primary and giving the mesh bag a squeeze, I asked Alice, yeast-pitcher extraordinaire, to do the honors while I stirred the brew. Conditions should now be perfect for the wine yeast to flourish, consuming the sugar and excreting alcohol. This will be our first batch of wine in 2012. I hope to make a gallon each of thimbleberry and blackberry this year. I’ll keep you posted.

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