Strawberry Wine

I racked the strawberry wine this morning. When it is in the primary vessel, it is hard to tell what color it is. The mystery is solved when it winds up in the glass secondary. I somehow expected this batch to be red, since the strawberries we put in it were so red. But it wound up this creamy orange color. Of course when it stops bubbling and settles a bit, the color will probably change again. It seems the wine recipes I use always make a bit more than will fit in a gallon jug. This time I had a pint bottle I use for maple syrup ready, and it just about took all the extra. It looks so cute having such a little bottle with a grown-up bubbler on top.

The garden is going well this year. There are always odds and ends each day. Today I watered both gardens with buckets and the yoke. I’ve also started hilling the potatoes as they grow big enough to warrant it. We harvested our first garlic bunch today. Several plants died this year for some reason. Our experience with garlic in the past is you put it in the ground and it grows. Not this year, but why?

We had our first salad of the year with garden greens. There was mustard and arugula. It was really good.

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