I had an appointment at 8:00 AM Central in Iron Mountain this morning, so had to leave around 6:30. It was foggy but leaving a little early meant I didn’t have to rush. I got there a bit early, but got right in and was back on my way around 8:00. My next stop was Escanaba to drop off our TV, which quit working a week ago. We don’t use it for a TV, but instead just to watch movies, so we can use the computer in the mean time. The TV weighs around 200# so it was interesting getting it into the back of the truck by ourselves. The GPS took me directly to the place in Escanaba, where I did my business, and then told it to take me home. And there is where the fun started.

It must have decided a back-road way home was some miles closer, because back roads we did take. I never would have trusted this stretch of road in the old map days, for fear of getting lost, and by lost I mean buzzards-cleaning-up-your-bones lost. In fairness it was blacktop of sorts most of the way, and also in fairness to the GPS, it suffered a bit too, because the rough road caused enough shaking inside the cab to make the GPS fall off the dashboard once. On the way I saw a coyote carcass, numerous deer, including two sets of twin spotted fauns, potato fields, and lots of wild country. Unlike the stretches of road I would have taken if left to my own devices, there were interesting things to see around every bend, and bends there were plenty of.

pipes.jpgI must have come out somewhere behind the Tilden Mine because I passed the Tilden Town Hall at one point, but also because I saw this interesting run of pipes crossing the road. What do these pipes carry, where do they come from and where do they go? I’ve never seen anything like them, and had to stop and take a picture. I kept expecting to come out on US41, but the GPS kept announcing one more turn.

When US41 did show up, I thanked the GPS gods for turning this otherwise mundane trip into something to remember. I also asked the convenience gods to shortly reveal someplace to relieve some bladder issues.

buyinggroup1.jpgI got home about 2:15 and we left about an hour later to drive into Houghton to pick up our buying group order. Buying groups are a way to purchase bulk and usually organic food as a group, and thereby pay wholesale. We can help unload the truck or do other chores to get a “worker discount.” I was too tired to drive so Alice took the wheel. It was another of those chores that mixes things up a bit in life and makes things interesting. There were lots of young families, middle aged, and some oldsters too. Everyone shared an interest in good food and cooperation. We usually meet someone new and reacquaint ourselves with old friends too.

buyinggroup.jpgWhen we got home I unloaded most of the car, and Alice got to work packaging the things for storage mostly in the freezer. Of course we had to taste things to be sure their quality was tops, and it was.

Tomorrow we hope to harvest peas and some wax beans. The greenhouse garden is a riot of tangled green right now. The tomatoes are so close together it is hard to get between them to water. That seems funny now, because when we planted them, they looked like slips of green on a large brown field. I think this will be a good tomato year.

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  1. Mike says:

    Those are the Tilden Tailings Lines they haul our waste water out of the plants.

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