Camera Tales

I’ve been carrying my little Canon digital camera on my belt for a couple of years now. I’ve gotten used to having a camera with me all the time, and have found I’m able to capture moments I otherwise wouldn’t. I keep it in a padded pouch that has protected it from the rough life I lead pretty well until the other day. I got the camera out and attempted to take a picture, and noticed that the LCD screen on the back of the camera had somehow cracked. The camera has a viewfinder, so I was still able to use it, but I decided to try to fix it.

I went on eBay and found there were several non-working cameras of the same type for sale. I picked one up for about $20 with shipping. When it came, I sat down at the table, and took the new eBay one apart, and figured out how to remove the LCD screen. I then took my working camera apart and removed the broken LCD screen. Unfortunately I was a little rough with one of the ribbon cables, and broke the connector that is part of the camera’s mother board. I tried several things to wedge the cable into the broken connector, but could not get it to work. Shoot.

I searched around online for a replacement camera of the same kind, and learned they were over $200 new. I then looked on eBay and found several working cameras selling from the $50-$100 range. I wound up buying two, one to replace my broken one, and one for Alice. She knows this camera because she borrows mine so often. Now we have some backup in the camera department.

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