I’ve talked in the past about a unique characteristic of the gravel road we live on. The gravel comes from crushed mine rock. The mining that was done was copper mining, and it isn’t unusual for me to find a chunk of copper in the road on my daily walks. I’ve amassed quite a bit of this road copper over the years. I think my total is around 15#. It is getting harder to find, because the rock they are crushing lately is no longer from copper mines.

The other day I was walking with my neighbor. He and I walk these roads regularly. He is not a skilled copper finder. I am the one that spots the copper 9+ times out of 10. The other day, however, he showed me 4 pieces he had found on his walk before I had joined him. FOUR! I almost never find so many on one walk. One of the four was a beauty too. It is the kind I call a slug. They are cylindrical and are quite heavy. I know there are Judeo-Christian prohibitions against coveting my neighbor’s possessions. I will tell you though, that despite my upbringing, I coveted that slug.

Wouldn’t you know it… last night on my regular walk after supper, I found this beauty. It weighs 3 1/2 ounces. It will join my collection. I can’t help but wonder what sort of cosmic message this copper chunk entailed. Was it a reward for my sinful coveting? Or was it a punishment of some sort? Cosmic implications are rife with this piece of copper. Perhaps I should consult my quartz crystal!

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  1. Nick Holland says:

    my dad used to come up and walk along some of the beaches in the Keweenaw, and from standing upright, would suddenly bend down and pick up a chunk of rock with a tiny vein of copper running through it. A few minutes later, he’d do it again. And again.

    Me, I could crawl around on all fours on the same beach next to him and find NOTHING.

    I love those chunks of Yooper copper, though. When I lived up there, bought (couldn’t find, so bought) quite a bit of it, including a 38lb slab I gave a friend of mine as a wedding present…

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