Two Shovels

It was a good day for the garage/workshop today. Two major projects were moved out. These two were taking up enough space that both vehicles had to stay outside until today. One was 20 signs for the North Country Trail, and the other was a rework of the fire department’s sign.

For the North Country Trail signs, I started with rough sawn pine, planed it down, sanded it, and routed in the letters. Then Alice, neighbor Marj Krumm, and I went to work priming and brushing on two coats of finish brown exterior paint. Once all that dried, we painted in the letters. The signs that will go on the national forest section of the trail get yellow letters, and the signs for the DNR section gets white letters with a white border one inch from the edge. We also painted several posts for the project.

The sign for the fire department was another story. It had been made of wood many years ago, and had received no maintenance. So much paint had disappeared that we had to reprime it. One of the letters was so broken I had to remake it on the jigsaw. The rest were serviceable by using some glue and screws.

I just reinstalled the fire department sign an hour ago or so. I used the bed of my pickup for a platform for the 8′ stepladder. It worked great. The 6 screws were reinstalled without a hitch, and the newly repainted sign is standing tall and proud in its old location.

With all the signs out of the garage/workshop and the vehicles outside, it dawned on me that this might be a good time to take a look at the floor. I corn-broomed the edges and corners, and shop-broomed the rest. When I put it into a pile and swept into my big grain scoop shovel, I got two full shovels, plus some. That volume of floor dirt might possibly be a new record. It is also a good thing… it shows we’re using the building for what it was built for.

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