sawing.jpgI got load one of the firewood logs sawed, split, and stacked this morning, and got load two this afternoon. Things went a lot better today. It seems that making lots of mistakes and paying for them makes one more cautious and perhaps a bit smarter (perhaps not.) At any rate, the loading and hauling today went much better. It was breezy enough today that I had some wind even down on the forest floor. I’m working in a place where the bucketful of 8′ logs I’m hauling take some finesse to get out of the woods. I have several trees I’d like to save that are pretty close together making it necessary for me to dance through them with the dozer. I got two good fork loads on the trailer and drove them home.

burnbarrel2.jpgOnce home I had to back the trailer into place. It is a long trailer and I have some tight quarters. I’ve succeeded in not bending much of the siding on the garage, and I’d like to keep it that way. That probably explains why I was not looking at the burn barrel while I was backing up. Poor old thing was on its last legs anyway, and I fortunately didn’t wreck the tire of the scout when I drove over it. And also fortunately I have another one ready for a replacement. We don’t burn nearly as much as we used to. At one time we burned all our trash, and just hauled the ashes to the transfer station a couple of times a year. I became convinced this was bad for the environment, so now only burn papers and haul everything else to the transfer station.

Tomorrow I hope to make a trip up to the Estivant Pines to get some work done, and to get ready for a work weekend that is coming up a week from now. We have to make sure we have all the tools and materials available so no one stands around. Volunteers, I’ve learned, don’t like to stand around. They volunteer because they believe in the project so you have to be ready for them with sufficient work when they arrive.

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